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Do you struggle with contentment while on a fixed budget/income? 

I recorded a video on this topic, if you’d  like to watch it!

Contentment while on a budget/fixed income can have is advantages and disadvantages! Contentment is a choice. Not all seasons of life allow flexibility in the area of finances. If you haven’t sat down and got real with where you are financially, that’s step one. For the believer, ask God for wisdom with your spouse, if married. We have come a place of 6 figures and a place of barely making it. Being sure to not choose anger and bitterness is essential to get through the season with contentment!

First and foremost, I have been able to overcome this daily battle through seeking God, prayer and accountability.

  1. When event like potlucks, birthday parties, celebrations arise, choose a watermelon to bring not the main dish, choose to utilize buying a neat book or item for the person in celebration of using coupons.

I have found attending parties at location I wouldn’t normally be able to take my children allows a family outing for less than if we paid for it without attending the event.

  1. Look into free/low cost events like Chickfila, museums, police/fire station, library, bookstores, grand openings in your area

  2. Since food is a commonly used item, but what’s on sale and in season, including bulk/boxed items. Anytime something is prepackaged, you are going to pay more.

  3. Overdrive offer free books using local county library to read/listen individually, as a couple or family.

  4. Subscribe to Netflix, Pureflix or something low cost to allow a series/movie to enjoy individually, couple and/or as a family.

  5. If able to budget for a in theatre movie, choose matinee! Fill up before and share a popcorn/treat with water! Have packed lunch/snacks ready to enjoy after.

  6. Dust of those books/board games in home to enjoy individually, couple and/or family and take walks/trips to the park, pool.

  7. Good nutrition during this season has been extremely important to me and homemade has been the way to cut cost, but you choose! I also have budgeted in our daily superfoods shake into our grocery budget to ensure we are all getting our daily vitamins!

  8. If you’d really like something outside of the budget, consider hosting an in home or online party, in home/online swap pages.

  9. Enter into giveaways because you never know what you can WIN!

  10. Help those around you to bless them and take the focus off yourself and circumstances.

  11.  Swap for childcare, too and sneak away on a date with your spouse using groupon, local flavor, etc!

Consistent and regular communication is KEY. We have resolved to not be normal because normal is broke and that’s not where we are staying! Be okay with not right now!

Please comment below how this helped you and share this with someone who’d be blessed by it!


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