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Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Have you ever wondered how to stay within a grocery budget?  Wonder no more!  I am here to help!  First, can you believe this batch of groceries was under $70?!

Here in North San Diego, CA, we are blessed with Sprouts Farmers Markets, as well as two Frazier Farms Farmers Markets!  I review and compare which one to choose to shop at before going into the store, thanks to their online ads!

Once I have decided where I will be shopping, I do the following:

1. Check in home inventory (pantry, freezer, Refrigerator).

2. Create meal plan with what I have in home, what’s in season and on sale to get the best price and flavor on my food.

2. Make a list with meal plan at the bottom, using the weekly ad and stick to it! Because I am using an ad, I can write down the proposed amount I will be spending per item.

Fun fact: If you are shopping at Sprouts Farmer’s Market, you can use their website to get current online prices.

3.  Once I am in the store, I take the time to weigh and write down the amount I will be spending while in store and tally up before checking out.

4. Before checking out, I make sure there is nothing else missing from my week’s meal plan before I leave the store.  I do this in an aisle or corner where I am not in the way of others.  It takes about 5 minutes extra rather than having to go to the store another time during the week

5. Last, I make sure to go into the store with CASH, instead of using a card.  I do this to stay within my grocery budget and really consider if everything I am buying is a need or want.  Not to say I cannot buy wants, but do I really them all?

I know this might seem a little overwhelming at first.  This is the case with most things you are doing for the first time.  I would suggest trying this alone for the first time.  I have been able to master a grocery visit with my four children many time in 30-40 minutes or less, so there’s hope.  I don’t ever regret taking the time to have our food situation in order, but always wish I did when I choose to let this slip to the wayside for that week.

As with everything, life is hard, so choose your hard!  No need to be in a rut with food.

I’d love to hear your feedback on what you found to help you the most from this post!  Please share in comments below, including photos of your successful grocery trips while on a budget!



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