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How did I become Carmen Homemaker?

I didn’t always want to be a wife or a mom.

If someone asked what I saw for my future when I was a single woman, those two titles would not have come out of my mouth.

I became a single mom at the age of 26.

I become a wife at the age of 29.

Neither were part of my plan, but God knew what I needed and I learned this was everything I never knew I needed.

Being a wife and a mother reveals just how selfish we really are.

Prior to marrying, my husband and I discussed non-negotiable areas. Having more children came up.

I had already experienced motherhood and definitely had no desire to go through labor again.

My husband lovingly and firmly told me we’d have to part ways because he desired to have more children.

I had to get down to the heart of the matter and the bottom line was fear!

I worked full-time outside the home and had my son in preschool while I worked.

There were many hard times that came like illness, school events, etc that I couldn’t always give my all to.

I thought staying at home was out of the question, so just said “no” to more children.

I shared my desire to be fully present with our children and do it from home.

It was an answered prayer and praise because my husband didn’t know how to tell me he didn’t want me to work!

So we began our adventure of getting me home!

On 01/30/12, When I was due to deliver our second son, I came home!

I had major anxiety over not being able to be the “Susie Homemaker” on the front of the store magazine!

My husband assured me God would equip me with everything I needed to be a stay at home mom.

Over time, I found a passion for health and fitness.

Many were asking for recipes, tips and tricks and I decided I needed to share via a blog.

And I needed a name! That my friends is how Carmen Homemaker was birthed!

God took this fearful woman who knew and desired nothing to do with home making and ignited a passion for it!

Dare to dream and follow what He has called you to be!

It does take stepping into Faith in Him, first!

What has God used to change your perspective?

Please share with me in comments


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