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Jude’s One week postpartum

My husband took 2 weeks off work to be home and help as we all adjust. Because I had postpartum depression with my last son, we felt it was necessary to make some investments in order to possibly help avoid it again. Besides having him home, we chose to have my placenta encapsulated and belly binding. The two have shown great results with only one week postpartum. The binding was placed hours after delivery and helped with cramping and shrinking of my uterus greatly.

Some other things I found to be helpful are:

  1. Take a shower in daily. I know, it seems so practical, but seriously! I chose first thing in the morning since I feel like I’m covered in milk from the previous day and night’s nursing. I do this right after the first daylight feeding.

  2. I started pumping as soon as my milk came in on day 3 to introduce the bottle sooner than later. This helps for others, especially daddy to help with feedings. No, There hasn’t been any nipple confusion. He’s bottle and breastfeeding just fine.

  3. I have found moving around a bit whether it be making myself a snack or putting some folded clothes away really helps me to feel sane.

  4. While nursing or sitting, I read my word, catch up on responding to messages, calls, social media or read.

  5. While I’m enjoying the freedom of not having to check my blood sugar, I’m also being mindful of what I eat which includes Shakeology daily.

  6. Accept help and meals. Our dear friend set up a meal calendar for every other day and works perfectly!

  7. My husband and I have stayed up to watch a show or movie together.

  8. We went to our home fellowship last Wednesday while the boys went to our church’s children’s program and plan attend church today.

  9. We welcome scheduled visitors and make sure I’m not “hosting” while they visit.

  10. I’ll be starting to get out walk today and move into working out after 4 weeks postpartum.

  11. Take everything slow and if I feel uncomfortable, I sit or take a nap if needed.

My husband has been amazing in taking on whatever task is called for him at the moment. He welcomes me helping, only if I’m completely up to it, otherwise encourages me to sit and rest. We’re finding our groove and know once we find it, it will change again! We’re working on grace, communication and joy as we all walk through this wonderful season of Jude’s arrival!

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