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Kid Friendly Snack Options

I am not sure about you, but snack time can be stressful, when I am not prepared.  My boys know a fruit and vegetable is considered “snack” and other items are “treats”.

Cut up cucumbers or have fresh sliced carrots, Apples, pears, tangerines, etc.  These are easy, less messy suggestions for when you are on the go.  Celery with nut butter or choice or hummus is also an option, if you’re up for the mess 🙂

PB&Js with peanut butter and all strawberry preserves.  I try to buy Sprouted wheat bread to use for PB&Js and other sandwiches.

(Costco sells a Kirkland brand of peanut butter, preserves and Sprouted Wheat Bread, if you have one near you.)

Homemade granola bars or nut butter squares are winners in our home.

Air popped corn with avocado oil and light salt is pretty popular, too!

Please note, snacks do not take place of the normal recommended fruit and veggie servings per day.  I pray this helps you!

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