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Meal Plan for 01/19/15-01/24/15

It’s time to get back to sharing my meal plans with the rest of you.  Part of our family to maintain a mainly plant based lifestyle is have a menu, shopping list and sticking to them.  I add or remove anything I know my family will not enjoy.  I pray this helps you!

Breakfast Ideas: Fresh cut bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, watermelon and/or honeydew melon with ground flax seed. Super fruit mix(strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and/or raspberries with Chia seeds. Overnight Oatmeal is so delicious!

Lunch: We use the previous night’s meal as leftovers or a fresh garden salad with avocado and lemon or lime for dressing

Snacks: Sliced carrots, celery, cucumbers, unsalted mixed nuts, raisins, fresh apple, orange, pear

Dinner for the Week:

Monday: Veggie Fajitas(Recipe from Forks Over Knives)

Tuesday: Quinoa, Corn and Black Bean Salad (Recipe from Forks Over Knives)

Wednesday: Minestrone (Recipe from Forks Over Knives)

Thursday: Lemon Citrus Cod Fish and Veggies (Recipe from Food Network)

Friday: Cabbage Rolls (Recipe from Forks Over Knives)

Saturday: Garden Salad and/or leftovers

I always check my kitchen to make sure I don’t already have some of the ingredients needed.  I also make my menu based off of what ingredients I already have on hand.

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