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My health and fitness testimony 

When I first learned I was pregnant, I knew I didn’t want to have gestational diabetes like I did with my last pregnancy. I knew that meant lots of self control in the area of health and fitness. The most important thing was how I was going to keep myself accountable. I had just completed Beachbody’s T25 series and was trying out P90X3(AMAZING), but would be way too high intense for me to maintain as I got further along. While I was researching and praying of what my next fitness program would be, I was approached by a dear friend, who encouraged me to consider becoming a Beachbody coach. After my husband and I prayed and talked it over, we decided me becoming a coach would be great for me. I can tell you now at over 39 weeks pregnant, it was one of the best decisions made! I’ve gained 8.8 pounds, been able to treat my gestational diabetes (yes, I still got it) naturally with whole foods and no insulin or “sugar free” products, Beachbody’s Shakeology filled with over 70 superfoods and exercise. Here’s the part that really has me encouraged as I’m soon approaching labor and delivery, my provider is willing to let me go until 41 weeks of pregnancy before induction, as long as the baby and my vitals continue to show good results. This is not normal practice with gestational diabetes due to the concern of the baby having a higher weight.

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