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Pressure Cooker Cream of Potato Soup


Mashed potatoes-

10 peeled and cubed potatoes

2 cups of water

1 TB oil of choice

Cook on high/manual for 5 minutes. Once timer sounds, release pressure and pour pressure cooked potatoes into blender. (I use a #vitamix )

Cream of potato soup:

Batch of mashed potatoes-set aside

3 cubed carrots

4 cubed celery

1/4 cubed cabbage

1/2 diced medium onion

1 spoonful of veggie #betterthanbouillon

2 cups of water

Cook all ingredients, except mashed potatoes in pressure cooker on high/manual for 3 minutes. Once timer sounds, release pressure, stir in cooked mashed potatoes and salt/pepper to taste.

Feel free to add garnishments and enjoy!


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