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Rainbow baby Jude’s birth story

Since I had gestational diabetes, my Obgyn strongly encouraged me not to go 41 weeks due to her concern for high birth weight and harder labor possibly leading into cesarean. Because she has been so supportive of my desire to treat my gestational diabetes naturally, I preferred to be induced by her over another provider.

My husband and I arrived at the hospital for the induction on Saturday afternoon. My provider decided to use a foley bulb first with hopes to help get things going. I started at 2CM, 30 % effacement. After about 2 hours, the foley bulb fell out and we decided to start pitocin very slowly. Since my cervix and the baby’s station were so high, breaking my waters, and/or stripping my membranes were not options. The pitocin definitely started things up and before I knew it, I could barely catch a break in between contractions to get a full breath of air. They were getting pretty intense, long and extremely intolerable, causing me to really feel the need for an epidural. I’ve had the epidural with my other two labors and truly desired to experience this one without it. I expressed to my doula my feeling the need to give up and how hard things were getting. She encouraged me to take it one contraction at a time and maybe it was time to call my doctor in to get checked and see if the pitocin could be turned off, since it seemed my body had began laboring on its own. The last I was checked, I was 3-4 CM dilated and in my mind, if I wasn’t dilated more, I can’t keep going like this.

My doctor came in, checked me, reported I was 5-6 CM dilated then watched me contract and had my pitocin turned off after seeing my body in labor on its own. My contractions went from 1 1/2-2 minutes long and 3 minutes apart to about 5 minutes apart. That made SUCH a difference. I was on my birthing ball or in a standing position but then decided to get in bed and rest in between contractions in order to be able to push. Believe it or not, I slept in between contractions from that point until it was just about time to push!?

As I would have contractions, Jude’s heart rate would go down and take a while to come back up, causing concern. They watched and watched then finally decided to put a monitor directly on his head. Once that was done, his heart rate appeared to be normal. I was thinking, please don’t let me get to the end to have a cesarean!?

Once I got to 10 CM and started pushing, it was discovered Jude was posterior and I was told try to flip him in order to come out face down instead of face up. I had to go on my knees and hold onto the back of the bed and push. OH MY GOODNESS, did that hurt!!!! While pushing, he crowned and I had to then lay back down and push him out!!! He came out!!!! And guess what?! He had his umbilical cord in his hand and seemed to have been squeezing or playing with it, causing the heart declines!!!

My labors in the past have been 80 hours and 34 hours. We prayed for a shorter, natural labor and I delivered Jude naturally in 16 hours!!!! God’s grace and favor was all over the place from my body responding to the induction, my amazing support, the doctors, hospital staff and my husband. This was the first labor and delivery Stephen and I experienced together because I was a single mom with Kameron and he was in Georgia for Kaleb until he was 8 weeks old due to a previous job training. It was joyous, emotional and I am in awe of God’s strength through it all. I was able to walk and shower shortly after giving birth and have my IV removed within hours after, as well! Now having experienced labor and delivery with and without an epidural, I can say I my recovery and overall state is so much more clear and I’d go the natural route again. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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